Shabo, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky district, Odessa region

The company was founded in 2003 on the basis of the oldest winemaking in Ukraine. The wine-making traditions of this region were laid in ancient times, and cultural winemaking was developed by the Swiss settlers who founded the winery settlement here in 1822.

The production and technological base of the enterprise is one of the best in Europe in terms of equipment. Since 2005 Shabo has been producing cognacs and brandies, and since 2013 — grape vodka.

The Shabo sparkling wine house covers a total area of ​​1.4 hectares and ensures quality at all stages of production. Shabo Winery is one of the largest in Ukraine with a total area of ​​about 10 thousand sqm. More than 5 million liters of wine are stored in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks in the same time.

Annual production is more than 50 million bottles of about 80 products. Shabo exports to 18 countries — Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and others. Every year Shabo achieves significant success, as evidenced by more than 600 medals of the best tasting competitions in the world.

In 2009, Shabo opened the First Wine Culture Center in Ukraine, the main purpose of which is to increase the culture of consumption of noble drinks.


Bakhmut, Donetsk region

Artwinery was founded on June 29, 1950.

Artwinery is the only company in Ukraine and the largest company in Eastern Europe exclusively producing sparkling wines which are created according to the classic Champenoise methods: re-fermentation of wine and its saturation with bubbles is carried out naturally only in the bottle.

More than 25 hectares underground, preservation of centuries-old traditions of manual care of sparkling wine, the latest technology and the equipment make it possible to produce sparkling wine comparable in its quality. Artwinery keeps its sparkling wine in bottles for 9 to 60 months, creating the best storage conditions. In the process of ageing, each bottle is regularly shifted and shaken by hand – to turn a good wine into a flawless sparkling wine.

Artwinery products are exported to more than 15 countries around the world, receiving well-deserved recognition and winning prizes at the most prestigious international competitions and exhibitions. From [Berlin] to [San Francisco], connoisseurs of the noble drink can enjoy the refined taste of Ukrainian sparkling wine.



In 1863 Nikolai Leontevich Shustov founds his own distilling enterprise and the brand “Shustov”. The brand range includes wine, liqueur, nastoika and spotykach. The conquering of the market takes place under the severe competition, with the brand relying not on quantity but on quality. The biggest Shustov’s victory was awarding their products the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. It was then that the Shustovs were honoured to write cognac on their products, and not a customary brandy.

Nowadays the spirit distilling shop of Odessa Cognac Factory is the biggest in Europe. It distils up to 3 million decalitres of cognac wine materials per distilling season (about 6 months) and yields up to 2 thousand decalitres of absolute alcohol per day. The OCF ageing rooms store more than 15,000 barrels of cognac spirits. It’s a real gold reserve of cognac industry – the largest one in the country.

In 2013 Odessa Cognac Factory began to export the cognac spirits of its own distilling to France. At the end of the year in the ancient OCF cellars the N.L. Shustov Cognac Museum was opened – the first and the only one in Ukraine.


Beregovo, Transcarpathian region

Chateau Chizay was founded in 1995 in the natural area of Chizay, near the town of Berehove in Transcarpathia. Modern production was built here taking into account the local history of winemaking. The founder of the winery — Gennady Gutman made a lot of efforts to develop and restore modern winemaking in the Transcarpathian region.

Now at 272 hectares 1 million 88 thousand grape bushes are grows. Production reaches 1.6 million bottles a year. 120 oak barrels of French and Hungarian oak are used for ageing the wine.

In 2019 a new “Museum of winemaker Chiz” was open. In 2020 Chizaye released a completely new unique product  White grape brandy, distilling aromatic wine Chersegi and first Transcarpathian Sparkling wine — Carpathian Sect.


Muzhievo, Berehiv district, Transcarpathian region

COTNAR Winery is a modern full-cycle plant. The wines are produced under the close supervision of wine expert Vincent Bale. The revival of centuries-old winemaking traditions of the region began in 1996. The first Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Traminer Pink and Muscat Ottonel were planted in 2007.

Vineyard area: 180 ha. Specific soil and climatic conditions of the terrain made it possible to identify a number of micro-wine-growing zones and to produce both fine, delicate, fresh, table, and rather extractive and rich dessert wines.

Today, 12 main varieties are grown. In particular, Riesling Rheinsky, Traminer, Isabella and Rkatzelli, which grow on the slopes of Cotnar, are the best wines from white grapes.


Muzhievo village, Berehiv district, Zakarpattia region

«Ace&W by Stakhovsky» – wine from the best Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky!

The Ukrainian decided to engage in winemaking at the end of 2015 — after being exposed to wine culture while competing for Vila Primrose ( Bordeaux,France). Sergiy rented 20 hectares of wineries in Zakarpattia and began to cultivate the existing grape varieties Merlot, Saperavi, Rose Traminer, Chardonnay, Riesling, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon. For two years the team of Stakhovsky Wines was planting vines, putting pillars, cleaning the parcels and replanting plots. In 2018 the first harvest was send for maturation in French oak barrels.

The 2018 vintage from Ukrainian tennis star includes “ACE by Stakhovsky” Merlot, “ACE by Stakhovsky” Saperavi and “W by Stakhovsky” Traminer.

Vines grow near Muzhievo village on the footsteps of Carpathian Mountains — one of the best wine regions of Ukraine.


Krynichne, Bolgrad district, Odessa region

Kolonist represents the pride of the Plachkov family — the result of their devotion and expression of love and passion for their native land and its generosity. The Plachkov family founded a family winery in 2005 to produce local premium wines.

Kolonist Winery is located in one of the best Ukrainian winemaking regions, the Bessarabia of the Danube Region (southern Odessa region), where viticulture has been a long-standing tradition ever since the Greeks and Thracians first discovered these fertile lands.


Vesele, Beryslav district, Kherson region

The first vineyards of one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Ukraine were laid in the estate of Kozatske (Kherson province) in 1896. Prince Lev Golitsyn — the chief winemaker of the Russian Empire — made the selection of land for plantations and vine varieties for Prince Trubetskoy.

The unique climatic conditions, the slope angle, the composition of the lands, advanced technologies in viticulture and winemaking have all yielded results very quickly. In 1900 at the World Expo in Paris their Riesling received the Grand Prix.  After Revolution of 1917 the winemaking and lands of Peter Trubetskoy were nationalized and became the flagship of Soviet winemaking — The Lenin Winery.


Oksamytne, Bolgrad district, Odessa region

Vinkhol Oksamytne Enterprise was founded in 1998 in the territory where Count Davidov’s vineyard was located 120 years ago. The favorable location, temperate climate and fertile soils are ideal for grapevine and wine production. The winery is engaged in the cultivation and sale of wine material to partner companies. The total area of ​​the vineyards is almost 1000 hectares, of which 540 hectares are own.

In addition to the production and supply of wine, the company has its own bottling of still and sparkling wines. The plant is located 7 km from the vineyards. The company has its own brands «Tintarella», «Villa Tinta», «Vinkhol» and «Odessa Black». Production reaches up to 400,000 bottles a year, most of them are exported to Romania and Germany.


Chernomorka, Ochakov district, Mykolaiv region

This is the case when the passion for wine led to the founding of one of the best small wineries in Ukraine.

The idea of ​​a winemaking arose in 2010. Following the path from soil analytics, solstice and seedling selection, in 2012 the first vineyard was laid on Cape Beykush, the banks of which are washed on one side by the Berezan estuary and on the other by the Bay of Beykush. Winery is the epitome of high-tech, modern means of wine production. Production capacity reaches 24 thousand liters per year. Aging in 64 barrels of French, American and Ukrainian oak.


Vinogradne, Berezansky district, Mykolaiv region

The history of the largest winemaking in Ukraine began in 1792, when the British Earl Koble planted the first vine and began the history of the wine region of the southern Black Sea. The company produces more than 80 varieties of wines: dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet, fortified, sparkling and vermouth. Wines of Koblevo are exported to Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Norway and other countries.


Slivino, Mykolaiv region
The winery is located in the historic area. From 1900 to 1917 Anatoly Bredikhin founded one of the largest wine chateau in Mykolaiv region. A group of enthusiasts found the remains of a chateau cellar near the village of Slivino. This is what inspired the Molchanovs family to plant the first small experimental plantation of 0.5 hectares of grapes in 2012.

The area of ​​the vineyards is 6 hectares. Soils: red clay, sandstone. The amount of vine per 1 ha from 2600 to 3300 shrubs.

Production capacity is 2000 liters per year. Aged in Ukrainian oak barrels. The winery creates environmentally friendly wine on wild yeast, without impurities and preservatives. In November 2018, SliVino Winery was the first in Ukraine who received a craft winemaking license.


Odessa, Kherson and Mykolayiv regions

The founders of 46 Parallel Wine Group — Anna and Taras Gorkun — created a family company with the idea that Ukrainian wine can and should be a source of pride. The main credo of the company is «Proudly Ukrainian». That is why the wines of 46 Parallel Wine Group are created exclusively from Ukrainian grapes born on the 46th «wine parallel» of Ukraine — in Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions. The company selects the best grapes and controls the process of creating wine at all stages — from vine to bottle, guaranteeing the quality of its wines.

46 Parallel Wine Group produces sparkling and still wines at the production facilities of Odesavinprom and Vintrest plants (Odessa region) using advanced technologies and modern equipment under control of own qualified experts.

Company is represented by two brands: the premium brand 46 PARALLEL and the modern brand APOSTROPHE.  In 2020 company produced 65,000 bottles of wine. 23 French oak barrels of Seguin Moreau and Eclat brands are used for aging wines.


Odessa region

My name is Eduard Gorodetsky, I am a winemaker in the fourth generation.I have dedicated more than 20 years to winemaking, but my dream was to build my own Chateau and create my own Wine.

Thus was born my Wine, which became a continuation of me: as a specialist, as a dreamer, as a person, as an enthusiast.

My first goal is to promote wine as Lifestyle, because wine is a healthy product. I want to develop a culture of wine consumption in Ukraine. The second goal is to promote Ukrainian wine. I know, we have all the conditions to create good wines. Vineyards, climate, soil … traditions! It’s time to offer all wine lovers our unique Ukrainian Local wine.


Nova Kahovka, Kherson region

The company was founded by Swiss colonists in 1889, on the site of the present-day town of Nova Kakhovka. The climatic zone where Tavrian vineyards grow is recognized by leading domestic and foreign experts as one of the most ecologically clean zones of Ukraine. Tavria is located at the same latitude as the world-famous city of Cognac (France), home of the noble drink of the same name.

Today DMK «Tavria» occupies a leading position among producers of prestigious collectible and vintage cognacs in Ukraine. Some products are also exported to foreign countries. The company owns the largest wine-growing areas in Ukraine with an area of 1,400 hectares. 

30 varieties of grapes are grown (Rkatsiteli, Chardonnay, Aligote, Sauvignon, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc.) The capacity of Tavria is about 17,000 tons of grape processing per season. The capacity of the plant through bottling lines is 1,634,556 decalitres of wine and cognac per year.


Velikodolynske, Ovidiopol district, Odesa region

Vintrest Winery was founded in 2005. Vintrest company is engaged in primary and secondary winemaking. In 2014 the company registered its own trademark «Grande Vallee» — a trademark of dry varietal wines.

The winery is equipped with modern equipment from France, Italy and Germany. Each year the company’s management selects the best wine materials exclusively from the harvest of its own vineyards for its own production. Therefore, wines are always produced in a limited edition.


Velikodolynske, Ovidiopol district, Odesa region

The Guliyev family is an example of a fourth-generation dynasty of winemakers. The history of family in viticulture began in Georgia a hundred years ago. Ruben Guliev was the first of the family who decided to plant grapes outside Georgia. The idea of ​​creating «Guliev wines» belongs to his son Robert Guliyev.

The wines are aged in 295 American and French oak barrels. White wines are aged for 9 months, red wines are aged for 12 months.


Lisnyky, Kyiv region

Biologist Craft Winery was founded in 2019 by Igor Petrenko, a well-known expert in the wine imports and an ardent wine connoisseur. The vineyards are located in Kyiv and Odessa regions. 15 ha of vineyards have been planted next to the winery on the southern slopes of the hill. The winemaker has introduced biodynamic principles of work and aims to become the best biodynamic winemaker in the country. Today winery received an organic certificate. Stainless steel tanks are used in the production: 4 units of 1 thousand liters as well 21 new French oak barrels for aging the wine. Annual production is 20 thousand liters. The White grape varieties: Aligote, Rkatsiteli. Red grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Odessa black.


Kholodna Balka, Belyaevsky district, Odesa region

The winery was founded in 2005. The owner of the Don Alejandro Winery — Alexander Shapovalov — is a creative and charismatic boutique winemaker. An architect by profession has created a winery in artstyle, more like a house of the artist from the Mediterranean. Original and unique style not only in design but also in approach to winemaking. The wines also have a distinct style. The winemaker is a supporter of the latest trend in winemaking — cosmodynamics. Art in everything from wine styling to label design. Alcoholic beverage production license was obtained in 2016. Production capacity: 167 thousand liters per year. Bottling — from 20 to 40 thousand bottles. The wine is aged in oak barrels of Portuguese oak.


Strumok village, Tatarbunar district, Odessa region
V.Petrov Winery was founded in 2003. The family winery is headed by Valery Petrovich Petrov. By 2003, the Petrov family gradually began to take the first steps to produce their own wine. In 1993, a farm of 40 ha of industrial grape varieties was organized.

To date, the Petrov family has chosen the organic winemaking business and received relevant certificates for organic production of 2014 and 2015 harvests.

76 hectares of vineyards are located on one geographical parallel with the famous French province of Bordeaux. Density — 4000 bushes per 1 ha. The age of the vine is 15 years.

Soils: southern gray chernozem. Production capacity ranges from 20 to 30 thousand liters per year.


Odessa, Odessa region

Odessos is a young wine project from the heart of the wine region of Ukraine, born in 2019. The name of the winery is closely related to one of the versions of the origin of the name of the city, in honor of the ancient Greek colony of Odessos, located near the bay of modern Odessa.

City Winery Odessos is the first urban format winery in Ukraine. The winery itself is located in the historic center of the city at 26 Tiraspolska Street, in the building of the former tobacco factory Salve. The mission of Odessos is based on the philosophy — «Quality is more important than volume.» Winemakers lay the foundation for future grapes from the first pruning of the vines to obtain a moderate load in compliance with all agronomic measures to ensure the quality and health of grapes.


Goraivka, Kamyanets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytsky region

The most famous winegrower and winemaker of Western Ukraine is Bohdan Mykhailovych Pavliy. The man who inspired many wine connoisseurs to engage in viticulture in the western part of Ukraine, in particular in the area of ​​Podolsky tovtry.

The Bohdan`s winery was founded in 2012. Already in 2014, the Johaniniter varietal white wine won first place among white wines at a tasting held by the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine. Vineyards and production are located in the most picturesque place of Podillya, on the slopes of the legendary Bakota. The southern slope, loamy soils with a high content of limestone, the sun is reflected from the surface of the Dniester, differences in night temperatures — all these factors contribute to the work of the winemaker with white grapes. Today the area of ​​planting grapes reaches 1 hectare with 5600 vines planted, 70% of them are whites.


Kalyus village, Khmelnytsky region

KALYUS WINERY is family project started in 2019 by Yuriy Danyliuk. The idea of ​​winemaking arose 10 years ago, at the same time the first grape seedlings were planted on their own land in the village of Kalyus at the confluence of the Dniester and Kalyus rivers. Historical documents prove that winemaking has existed in this region since pre-revolutionary times.

In 2015, the first wine was made from own grapes. Every year the volume of winemaking increased, production capacity expanded. Today annual production is 10 thousand liters. Fermentation and storage of wine in stainless steel tanks. The wine is aged in oak barrels. The vineyards are located in a unique natural place, each bunch is grown with care and attention. The planting area of ​​the experimental plot is 20 ari. Also in the Kherson region 2 hectares of vineyards for 49 years are leased.


Husiatyn, Ternopil region

The history of the winery Father’s Wine began with the planting of grapes beside furniture factory for landscaping, and continues with rapid development. The owners of the Buyachok wine family established a joint winery in 2006.  Planting area of ​​vineyards is 5 hectares. Soils: chernozem, loam. Annual production 12 thousand bottles. The wine is aged in oak barrels made in Ukraine by OLPOL and in French oak. White grape varieties: Johanniter, Solaris, Muscaris, Helios, Dublyansky. Red grape varieties: Cabernet Cortis, Regent, Pinot Tin, Leon Millau, Black Pearl. A special pride of winemakers is the Johaniter grape variety. Wine of this variety has repeatedly received awards at regional and Ukrainian tastings.



GRAEVO production is located in the historical part of the city of Zaporizhzhya – Verkhnya Khortytsa. Just beside the 700-year-old oak tree and famous all over the world island Khortytsa.
Wines are made using certified equipment Taormina, Pillan Colombo, Enolmatic, ENOPVC-Hotair of Italian production, and Termoinox Group srl, production – Moldova.


Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad region

Ruslan Kovalevsky — the owner of the winery started winemaking in 2014. Annual production is 2000 liters. Grapes are bought in the Black Sea coast (Nikolaev, Kherson area). Ruslan also planted own vineyard on 0.2 hectares in Kropyvnytskyi district to study of varietal characteristics and cultivation of European varieties in the central part of Ukraine. Wine styles are fragrant light white and pink, aged red. In 2019 the wineries began to produce sparkling wines by the classic method from Muscat and Solaris.


Kordelivka, Kalynivs’kyi district, Vinnytsia region

Vladimir Gigineishvili — owner of the winery — followed the call of the heart, given the origin, continued the glorious Georgian traditions of winemakers in Ukraine, in particular in the Podillya region.

The Gigineishvili Wine House started operating in 2013. Today the production represents high-tech equipment and innovative technologies. Winemaker Zaza Jordanishvili personally receives grapes and selects the best bunches. Grapes deliver to the winery from the vineyards of Odessa region in the shortest possible time by special transport with keeping the low temperature.


Frumushika river valley, Tarutinsky district, Odessa region 

Construction of the Frumushika-Nova farm began in the summer of 2006 on the site of the Moldovan villages of Frumushika-Nova and Roshia, which were evicted in the spring of 1946 due to the formation of a military training ground.  Today the winery has a full production cycle to make 16 thousand liters of wine per year. A high-tech equipment fully control the temperature of the fermentation. Natural wine is made from the best local varieties of grapes hand collected from 6 ha vineyard according to a traditional family recipe that does not contain preservatives.



Rozivka, Saratsky district, Odessa region

Leleka Wines is a new brand of Wine Discovery Selection, the idea of ​​which is to create high-quality wines of modern Ukraine, according to high international standards and a real Ukrainian soul. The collection is named after the stork — a special bird and a sacred symbol of Ukraine. Every year thousands of storks return from their vultures to their native places, to Ukraine, bringing hope and the spirit of travel on their wings. Leleka Wines are created for true connoisseurs and world travelers.


Loshchynivka, Izmail district, Odessa region

The Loshchinovsky winery was founded in 1956 and operated until the time of the «anti-alcohol campaign». Today «Vinaria» is a family winery with it’s own 1.5 hectares vineyards just 3 km away. Wines are stored and aged in stainless steel containers made in Italy and oak barrels as well. The production volume is 10 thousand liters per year. The vine are 3 to 12 years old. Soils are mainly southern chernozem and loam.


Kamenka village, Izmail district, Odessa region

The full-cycle enterprise located in the south of the Odessa region at the 45th parallel like the province of Bordeaux. Agrocapital was founded in 2002, the main activity of the company is growing, processing grapes and bottling wine.  The company can process 180-220 tons of grapes per day. The capacious park allows to store about 1200 tons of wine material. In 2017 was installed an Italian bottling line with a capacity of 4,000 bottles per hour.  The vineyards cover an area of ​​200 hectares. Soils southern chernozem. The varietal composition of grapes was carefully selected taking into account the zoned varieties in the Bessarabian region. The age of the vine is 16-17 years. The density is 2222 units of bushes per hectare. White grapes: Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon. Red grape varieties: Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot, Noir, Muscat Hamburg, Odessa Black.


Yasnogorodka, Makariv district, Kyiv region

WineIdea was founded in 2012. The winery has modern equipment for wine production and barrels for aging red wines. Equipped with its own wine shop with an optimal microclimate for aging wine.

Most white grape varieties grow in the vineyard in particular are autochthonous ones. Reds are from the Odessa region. The area of ​​vineyards is 1.3 hectares: 0.2 hectares — Riesling, 0.7 hectares — Lemon Magarach, 0.2 hectares — Odessa Black. Density: 3000 on 1 hectare. Sandy soils with clay and pebbles at a depth of 1-1.5 meters. The harvesting process is done manually. Annual production is 17,000 liters. Age of the vine — 8 years. The wines are aged in oak barrels.

On the territory of the winery there is a restaurant, a zoo and a recreation area.


Zhavynka, Chernihiv region

Vinoman winery was founded in 2014 by two winemakers Borys Slaboshevsky and Serhiy Zolotar. On the southern side of the experimental plot with an area of ​​67 acres beside the reservoir were planted grapes of technical varieties. In addition to the grapes planted in Odessa region. Planting density: 5 thousand bushes per 1 ha. Vines age from 6 years. Soils — sandstone. Production in stainless steel tanks and aging in 21 Ukrainian oak barrels. Only cultured yeast is used for fermentation. Annual production is 7,000 liters. In the near future plans to obtain a license. The White grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer. Red grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon.


Myla, Bucha district, Kyiv region

The owners of the winery Mykola Kasyanenko and his son Volodymyr founded the winery in 2015 on their own estate. Vineyards are located in the Odessa region. The age of the vine is 17-19 years. Limestone soils. The production uses stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. The annual production is about 2 thousand liters. Interesting style of wines and great location makes the winery attractive for wine tourism. The White grape varieties: Riesling, Chardonnay. Red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Odessa Black, Pinot Noir


Mohyliv, Dnipropetrovsk region

Winegrower and winemaker Yuriy Kolesnyk founded his own winery in 2010. The area planted with vineyards is not large, it is actually an experimental site. Grapes are brought from the south of the Kherson region. The annual production reaches 3 thousand liters. In a cooperation with local farmers Yuriy plans to work on the introduction of green tourism in the village.


Shabo, Belgorod-Dniester district, Odessa region

Winemaker by vocation and perfumer by profession Christophe Lacarin calls his winery a great hobby. The first vineyards were purchased in 2005. The winery is located on the site of a former settlement of Swiss Germans. The house is completely preserved to this day. The host sincerely welcomes guests and holds tastings of his wines here, accompanied by delicious French snacks, home-made cheeses and pleasant light chats about life and wine.  No chemicals are used in the processing of grapes, wine material is obtained from ecologically clean grapes. The wines are aged in a bottle and in oak barrels. The vineyards reaches 40 hectares, density is 1650 bushes per 1 hectare. Soils: chernozem medium loamy and loamy soils with limestone.